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                           is an association of consulting engineers, and professional project managers. Our goal is to support our clients by providing them with the most relevant, and up to-date skill sets needed to manage their organizations. Depletion: A determination for the world's petroleum reserve provides organizational long range planners, and policy makers with the essential information they will need in today's rapidly changing environment.

Petroleum is a primary energy source, and provides the majority of the world's transportation fuel. It is the lowest cost, and most widely available resource to power transportation machinery. Its disposition has a wide ranging effect on all day to day economic activity. A comprehensive understanding of this vital resource is now essential for the effective management of any organization. Our report, Depletion: A determination for the world's petroleum reserve will provide your management team with this critical information!

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                         also offers cutting edge management training programs through implementation of our ADEPT training systems. Our training programs can provide your organizational management staff with the in depth knowledge, and skills that they will require to navigate the effects, and ramifications of the petroleum depletion event.
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